Friday, 14 March 2014


Hello to all my lovely readers!!!!
         Today I am here with a SPRING SUMMER design... 
HOLI is also called The Spring Festival and marks the 

arrival of spring!!!!
This one is a soft colored  floral nail art design....

Since i have not done a vdo to this i will mention things
used here

Base and Top coat of your choice..

1. Duo Artstix polish from #modelsown "Pastel Pink" NP033

2. "Frosty Ice Blue"By #faces

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Neon Water Spotted Nails!! Holi Special

Holi Hai!!!!!
 Ya right So my today's post is for the festival of colors....HOLI
Just round the corner we celebrate this one by playing with here is a colorful Manicure...apt for the day!!!!

I achieved this look by The water spotting technique...and instead of doing it with one color I layered the colors one by one.....
You can watch me work on the design in My Video Tut linked here

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Leaving u with the pictures of the design...if u try please show them to me on my FB page....

Hope u enjoy and do leave your reactions...
Love Disha..

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Hello Everyone!!!!Had been really busy for a long time...but  this design I had to share with you guys....
Potraits have alwaz been difficult...But I do them and feel so satisfied when they come out this good....
This time I attempted DISNEY PRINCESS ARIEL....for my reference I downloaded an image here it is

and so recreated on nails...Hope you like my attempt..Also You can watch me work on this design in my VDO tutorial to this design....When I was doing it I did not thought of recording it but then finally I did and also Uploaded successfully here is the link to the TUTORIAL>>>
I will leave you with the pictures Enjoy and if you try these out show them to me on my FB page


Monday, 6 January 2014

COLORBAR PRO GLITTERATI!!!!!! Superb Glitter polishes


Hey everyone....Wish you all an amazing 2014 and my first Post of the year is about Glitter polishes
  I am a huge Glitter junkie...That means I love Glitter polishes!!!!!!
And what a way to start my year....Buying Glitter polishes.....
COLORBAR just launched their GLITTERATI collection and I could not resist to check out........
Their are seven shades in this collection...Actually They previously had Gold and silver and now they have added up 5 cool Glitter shades.....priced at INR 400....for a 15 ml bottle....
I initially wanted to buy them all but just got Three..Anyways I know myself....Will soon buy other two as I already own the gold and silver...
Now the three I bought are:
And my Fav being MOSS has gorgeous Blue and Green hexagon glitters in clear base....
IRISH PINK is  a gorgeous Fushia pink glitter but the base is not very clear it has a pink tint but does not effects has small and big round and hexagon shaped glitters
BLUE TRANCE is again a cool Blue.....with same round and hexagon small and medium sized glitters.....
the other two colors that I will be buying soon are..
A  Gorgeous RED glitter polish
and a Light pink Glitter polish
Here in this picture I have applied one coat of white polish and over that I have layered one layer each of IRISH PINK, MOSS ROCK and BLUE TRANCE
 BUTTTT what took my Breath away was their look on Black base......I literally need i applied one coat of a black polish and after it dried.....I applied one coat each of the three colorbar polishes.....
So I hope you like it and do comment and tell what you not forget to join me here.....
First Image Courtesy......,d.dGI&psig=AFQjCNFn94ts4QwFQJB456dRo_A5ZGu3eg&ust=1389090863674115