Sunday, 28 July 2013


Hello guys, today I'm showing up this design done with eye shadows. The credit of this design goes to Robin Moses....I have learnt all from her....A soooper simple design but gorgeous to carry hope u like this
Prepared the base

Thats it guys...picture cnnot really capture the real shine this design has in person base luks even more gorgeous.....If u try out this design u can share it with me on my fb page Disha..

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Hello guys...I'm here with a new design and This one is "INSPIRED BY ROBIN MOSES"....On my Blog I have never mentioned this but I am a nail artist because of Robin...she is amazing nd her art is even more here is the design
 Things required to get this luk are here:
Acrylic paints in Purple,golden, black,white,Red and brown. Basecoat, Top coat nd a polish in mint green color I've used one by Bourjois. Striper brush nd detailing brush. Hindi news paper, Some alcohol n tweezers. Polish remover for cleaning.

Step wise description:     
Apply two coats of ur base color                                            

Cut out pieces of news paper..I have used a Hindi news paper since I never used it it was something new nd Robin used the same as well....u can use any language u have...
 Here u can c I have taken some Vodka out in a container then dip ur paper with help of tweezers in it for a few seconds.

Apply the soaked piece of paper on ur nail in the position u want the print.
 press down the paper, there r so many ways to do this u can use cotton balls soaked in Vodka or ur fingers only to do that..I do it simply like this.
 And here it is after a top coat its very inmportant that u topcoat it with light hands coz otherwise print comes off very easily.

Starting with the paint now do these stripes nd leaves with help of striper nd detailing brush....for more u can watch Robin's tutorial linked on my FB page
In this step I have made red flowers nd some purple dotted flower like things....made the centre of red flowers with black nd golden dots....
According to me detailing of a flower makes it even more gorgeous. 

Top coat and there u go....Robin used brown as the base color but I went with this mint shade I love....
I hope u like this has a lot of steps nd u need time to do this mani but its soooper cool nd toatally gorgeous. Hope u agree nd let me know wat u think of this by commenting below....Love Disha.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hey Guys After a Long time today I did this one stroke Flower in Pink....Check out the pics here nd let me know wat u think.....
For this design I did only two pictures in the beginning of the design...I was in a hurry to complete this design...had very less time today to do the manicure.... 
1. After cleaning my nails and applying the base coat I appled this glitter polish by Flormar (two coats). 
2. Then did stripes with a deep pink acrylic paint and a striper brush on my pointer finger, Thumb and pinky finger.
After this I made a french tip to all my nails with the same acrylic paint I did the stripes....Again I did one coat of the flormar glitter polish. After this dried completely I did my flowers with a flat brush and acrylic pint(white and pink). Added two small leaves and some dots....then did the Top coat.....Really sorry could not show u the pics...and here is the complete manicure once again.

I hope u like this nd if u do let me know by commenting below....Thanks for taking out time to visit my blog....Love Disha.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mix N Match Mani in Black Nd Yellow

Hello Everyone really excited for this post...Today I have a mix n match manicure in black n yellow. Also I have a video recorded for the stuff I used for this Mani...Its my very first video ever nd I hope u sort of like it....If u do let me know so that I'll improve nd do it more often....
 So here is the complete design nd stepwise description later...

Check out this pictorial 
1. Apply plain polish as shown here.
 2. Add dots with black acrylic paint and a dotter, dots in this step are of bigger size, coz we need to place smaller dots in the next step.
3. In this step I finished with smaller dots on thumb nd ring finger also I applied matt topcoat on pointer and pinky finger.
4. Here i Placed rectangle bars on the matt topcoated Fingers.
5. I prepare my middle finger for the pattern. I applied tapes in this manner nd then apply matt topcoat, nd b4 it dries remove the tapes with help of tweezers.
Also top coat ur ring finger and thumb with a glossy top coat...

Hope u like this design...Do let me know wat u feel of the design nd the video as can join me on my FB page nd here as well...Thanks for taking out time to visit my place....Love Disha..

Monday, 22 July 2013

Egyptian Drama Queen Nails

Hello I have a new design for u in light brown which I did on a special request from a frnd
Step wise description here:
Step 1. Apply ant light brown polish In my case I used No. 11 Irish Creme from New U.
Step 2. Using Acrylic paint I mixed Brown, little bit of Black and gold to make this brownish gold colr and used a flat brush and a striper brush to create this pattern on my nails.
Step 3. Using Tapes I outlined all my design and placed a square stud in the triangle near but away from my cuticles. Then I applied the topcoat to seal in my design and Tada......
There U have the design hope u like this do let me know by commenting below love reading them....Byeee


Hello guys today I'm sharing with u a design close to my heart!!!!here it is
Hope u guys like this design. This is a hand painted design with my school monogram on my left hand ring finger and on the right hand ring finger i have "Class of 2002" written. red is the color of our school so I chose let me know ur comments and suggestions....X

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Nail Art Stuff From BPS New additions

In this post I'm sharing with u my new nail art stuff from Born Pretty Store I received today really happy nd excited to use them all.....
All wat I got in my Parcel

Metallic studs wheel

new set of Brushes

Tapes in all colors
Hope to create some cool designs will share them here soon


Here u can c the things i use to clean my nails every time I change my manicure (which happens really often) Olive oil missing in the picture.
DIY here:
1. Take two cups of Luke warm water in a bowl big enough to dip ur nails.
2. Add four tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of Hydrogen per oxide solution this will create some fizz so don't worry.
3. If you want u can add some olive oil... this step is optional I do not do that since I use it very regularly daily.
4. Now dip ur nails in this mixture and wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
5. Take out ur hands towel dry them.
6. Use a buffer to buff ur nails this will remove all the stains on ur nails.If required File and shape them at this point.
7. Now use a cuticle pusher or ur other thumb nail (thats wat I do!!!) to push back ur cuticles.
8. At this point u can use a cuticle remover solution like me or remove the cuticles with a tool.
9. Apply olive oil or any other cuticle oil of ur choice. Also u should apply anything to moisturize ur nails thrice daily this will make them really strong and they will grow faster.

Thats it guys simple 9 steps and u have perfect nails....
Regularly following this routine will make ur nails really healthy.
Hope this helps....if this works for u do comment and let me know

Saturday, 20 July 2013

BIRTHDAY NAILS that's my today's post....I enjoyed doing them sooo much.
I did this cool ombre effect with silver nd  a coral pink color. On my left hand ring finger i painted a cake nd on right ring finger I added some rhinestones.

 On the thumb I added a gift for the birthday theme.

.Hearts for the right hand thumb...

Hope u guys enjoy this design do let me know wat u think of this by commenting below.

Nail The Art : Pink And White Floral Design

Nail The Art : Pink And White Floral Design: Bouquet Nails   This is one of my all time favorite design. Hand painted flowers with full detailing. If u like this do comment below a...

Pink And White Floral Design

Bouquet Nails 
This is one of my all time favorite design. Hand painted flowers with full detailing. If u like this do comment below and let me know ur views. This design is inspired by the design on the plate below.... 


A big hello to all my frns...As you all know I've been doing nails for a long time now and my nail polish addiction is known so well but for some strange reason I did not had a Blog but now I will be sharing all my creations as well as there details here so that I can stay connected with a lot more people.  I'm on FB as well as pinterest....but I'm sure this will add to my passion. My nails are Natural and I use simple polishes and acrylic paints to create different designs.

 As a starter I have posted this one of my fav creations...I loved the way colors have come out in this design.
Also on the ring finger I have added a natural flower and completed it with polka dots. 
 Hope you guys enjoy this design...I'm new to blogging so I would like everyone to suggest me how can I make it better...and wat more would you like to c on my blog.