Monday, 21 October 2013

Nail Extension DIY at Home!!

Hello Guys...I am so happy sharing this post with u guys...its first time I am doing a nail Tech Video rather than nail art.....So What do we do when we loose one of our long natural nail?....We file them down...And its so hearbreaking right???
But wat I do is that I replace my broken nail with an EXTENSION>>>>
I have long natural and good quality nails but Seldom I loose my nails....So I never file them down....
Here is a DIY VDO linked above so that u can see how do I do that....The only thing is that u should have the correct material required....
Things I have used have been tested by me several times and are of a well known brand......
I am inserting some pictures so that u can have a closer look at the extension.....
 Believe me its durable if done properly...I last with them for more that a couple of weeks and sometimes I forget i am wearing Extension.....You have try this out to learn it....Only then you will learn the do's and dont's 

 And can't leave the bare....I finished up my nails with this Floral design Inspired By Robin Moses:)
 Hope u guys like this and if This post helps u in any manner let me know....Love Disha..

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tribal Print Nail Art with Halloween twist..

Hey Guys....Did these sooper cool Tribal print nails.....Hope u guys will like this....
 All the polishes used and other stuff is shown in the VDO>>>>>

Hope U try these and show them to me on my FB page..
Thanku so much...Love Disha..


Hey Everyone....Its 20th October and its time to announce our very first International Giveaway Winners......
Our Three lucky Winners will be getting Gift cards from Born Pretty store Worth $10 each......

Yeahhh Cheers Guys.....Please contact us via your mails within 48 hours....or We will have to choose the next winner in row.....I am so Happy guys.....Love Disha..

Friday, 11 October 2013

Konad Stamping and Water marbelling Two in one Nail tutorial!!

A big Hello to all my Frns here!!!!!I am so happy to show you my new design...The very first reason are the shades I have used.....Both the shades I have used are from Maybelline Color Show
here is wat choco sin looks like
Isn't this just a perfect dark Brown shade...well I am loving this new Buy....
and more over Bold Gold is stamping so I decided to go for a stamped is how it came out:
Then I also decided to check out water marbelling with both these shades....Though they were drying out quickly but I worked fast and they were spreading quite fine....
here is wat i did with water marbelling:
Ahhhhh...Loving them both
 you can watch me creating both these looks in the Video above and I hope u subscribe to my channel....I will be trying out more shades from this new range very soon.....If u guys try out any of my designs please feel free to share them on my page linked here>>>
Also the Music In the video which I added for the first time comes from here is the direct link to music>>>
I hope you like these designs and comment below for any queries.....Love Disha..

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Indian Bridal Nail Art design....

With Nail Art So much Inn these days..Should an Indian Bride wear Plain nails????
Not at all...So here is a design for all Brides to be for their D- Day
I have done these in very conventional colors I You wanna request some other color base please leave a comment or msg me on my Fb page linked here:
So here is my design:

Hope you like this design...and if u try please show it to me on my page.....also do subscribe to my You tube channel...You can see the details of the polish used and other stuff in my Video....Love Disha..

Friday, 4 October 2013

LEOPARD PRINT Nail art!! Three designs in one nail tutorial!!

Hey everyone!! I am really happy to post my new VDO...Its a three designs in one tutorial....hope u guys enjoy the VDO....The first one i did is a combination of a nude and nice deep blue with twist of colors and some glitter....Polish details for all my designs are in the is the look
Now for the second look I decided to go neon....With this Uber cool luk....very young and bright!!!!!
and by the way I loved the BPS neon is the final result...
And now for the final look...How can I miss my favorite glitters.....and this time i wanted to go for authentic and basic i chose to go for browns.....If u do not have golden glitter u can either use a golden polish.....or acrylic paint in gold or dark brown....well here is the final look
So with this I come to an end..Hope u guys got some nice Ideas...nd if u try please show them to me on my FB page linked here!!!
Take care>>> Love Disha...