Monday, 30 September 2013

!!Hello!! Pattern Inspired Nail Art Design!!

HELLO... Hi...Hola....HEY!!!!HEYO!!!!!!!!Everyone here....First I welcome all my new Readers...I am so happy U guys joined me...and I hope You also feel the same....Also I wish I keep u updated in nail art and do not forget to leave ur comments if u love the design and also suggestions are alwz welcome....So Today I have a nail art design inspired by Pattern...U can c the picture I got my Inspiration from In the inset.....Uppp is the Vdo U can learn to do the design and see wat polishes and stuff did i use....So here is the design...

The best part is I recorded while working with my Non Dominant hand...If U try this design in ur own way please make sure to click pictures and post on my FB page...also do subscribe to my Channel....Link to my FB page is here>>>
Love Disha...

Thursday, 26 September 2013

!!Striping!! nail art In White and Gold....

Helllo I bring to u these beautifully striped nails......Hope u will be loving these nd if u try these or any of my other designs u can show them to me on My FB page linked rt here>>
Here is the design:

I used thid super Ethnic Combination...and tried my best...Please cxomment and let me know ur reactions....thanks...LOve DISHA..

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gloss/Matt Water marble Inspired By My Simple Little Pleasure

Hello everyone!!!Today I am showing up these super pretty nails with Gloss and Matt water is inspired By My Simple Little Pleasure's upp is the vdo to the design nd down u can c the pictures....if u try this out please share with me on my FB page...
Hope u guys try this out nd show them to me.....Thanks for reading out...Love Disha..

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

ILL weekly challenge!!!!

Hello every one !!!Today is a very quick post telling u guys about this weekly Challenge>>>>>>   On INDIAN LACQUER LOVERS(ILL)...U can send in ur entries and join the group as well....Also there r some simple rules
>>Theme will posted Every Tuesday, so participants can prepare the mani by next Monday.

>>You can post your manicure before another challenge starts, (you can skip the challenge, depending on your schedule)

>>Every week an album will be created for that weeks theme, please post the pics in album only (no links) and not on wall so that we can have everything organised.

>>When you share the pictures on your blog, instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, google-plus or Pinterest etc Please use hashatg#ILLnailchallenge so that all our posts get connected.

>>Please follow everyones social sites and support each other.

That's it !!
If you have any query or suggestion please comment below


 This is my first challenge entry which happens to be POLKA DOTS!!!!!Hope u guys like this

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Hello guys I am so happy to do a giveaway in collaboration with M.D.N.D. as a token of thanks to all my fans who have always showered love on me...My FB page has completed its 500 likes nd going great!!!>> So a Big Thanks and here is the giveaway with Rules and form below...U might be just a few likes away from winning this....Do as many entries as possible....
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GIVEAWAY RULES- please read carefully
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  3. Giveaway ends on 20th October 2013 and winners will be announced within a week.
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  5. Please abstain from any kind of drama or your entries will become null and you will be blocked from future giveaways.
  6. Please fill the form below carefully and provide all the answers/links required


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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Hello guys Here it is celebrating my 500 likes here is a wonderful opportunity for u guys to win gift card worth 10$ which will allow u to shop from BORNPRETTYSTORE....1 each for three lucky winners you just need to follow some simple steps to can click on the gift card picture on the top of my blog or click on link here>> So ALL the best to all u beautiful people nd may U win....Believe me I would love to win it...
You need to be completely fare and read the instructions carefully...earn as many entries as u can nd do not forget to link us to ur e-Mail address so that v can reach u....Love Disha..

COMING SOON "GIVEAWAY" U don't wanna miss....

Hello all u beautiful people!!!!
Announcement time guys as most of u know I have just completed 500 likes on my FB page >>>> and so I have planned a GIVEAWAY...Yipppeeee!!!!
Its sooper exciting nd happens to be my first one!!!!!
I have collaborated with planned One for all our fans!!!
So get ready guys I will be announcing it soon and its a very gud opportunity to buy yourself some sooper cool gifts. Believe me U'll love it.... so Wait until we announce it OPEN 
LOVE Disha..

CoLor BlOcK NaIL ArT !! WiTh TaPe FuNN

HELLO!! Today What I have for u guys  is very very simple to do...This is called color blocking...nd its so funn nd easy...You can use any colors of ur choice...What u need to think is a pattern. So I decided to do a big triangle  in the middle nd go on with a dark color on one side nd lighter on the other side.....Hope u guys like this...if u try please show them on my FB page linked here>>>
here r some pictures:

Do Comment below...Love Disha..

Sunday, 15 September 2013


A big Hello to all my readers!!!!Today's design is so special only cause i loved doing this and I am still wearing it!!!!Very simple to do....Everyone wants to do a water marble design but its technically a little difficult to do so water spotted nails are really simple and soooper funnn to do...U can try these in ur fav. colors and do not forget to show them to me on my FB page:
You can WATCH me work in the VDO above and also I hope u guys Subscribe to my Channel...its very simple to do and will take only a few minutes....
Okkk so here is my design...Oh but first This is the base color I am wearing and I LOVE this polish by BOURJOIS....Its called  "Turquoise block" 

 And this is wat I did on them....Sooper Water spotted nails

 I love them...If u think the same please let me know by commenting and do join up for regular dose of nail art>>>Love Disha..

For more details of things I used to do the design...Watch me work:)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ombre nails with Butterflies

Hello guys today I am back with an Ombre effect nail design....I love doing this technique...its done in so many ways but I prefer a Sponge to do it....You can watch my Video for details of polishes used and how did I create the gradient....You can do it in your FAV colors and if u try please share with me on my FB page: 

I will leave you with some pictures of this design...
 I hope u like them....Love Disha..

Friday, 6 September 2013


Here is my latest Video guys this one is so much inspired By Robin Moses:) I have learnt all from her...
Hope u guys like this...
Watch the video for details of the polishes used..nd more..

Hope u guys try this out...If U do.... do not forget to post pictures on my FB page linked in the description box of the vdo....Love Disha..


Hello guys!!!Today's post is not about Nail art But surely about Nail polish!!!!
Yesterday when I went to my beauty supply shop for some basic stuff I could not stop my self checking out DEBORAH's collection...That is when I came across this gorgeous shade In Purple with Gold Kick!!!
I will be adding the pictures down nd also show u wat i ended up doing on them.....


Without Flash!!!
 Ended up with some Stamping.....

Hope u guys like this show up of mine....if u try any of my design u can share them with me on my FB page; also You can check out my You Tube Channel for Video tutorials to my designs: Disha..

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Love Letters Nail Art

Hello guys here is the link to my new video:  
This is sooper gorgeous design to wear on a date or any other special day in ur life...I am loving it since I am wearing RED after a long is my design

Guys do check out my channel for more and subscribe!!!Hope u try them and show them to me on my FB page linked in the description box of the video


Monday, 2 September 2013


Hello guys...writing a post after some time...I was really busy with my You tube channel doing all by my self learning various things...Editing and all...But finally I have a is the link to my today's design:

I named this OMBRE NAILS WITH TAPE FUNN!!! if u try please show them on my FB page u like this color combo that I'm in love with....Thanks for dropping by Love Disha..